Band drum filtration

Band drum filtration is designed for fine filtration of polluted coolant and cutting fluid from tool machinery. The band drum filtration can be installed onto the collecting tank for the coolant and if required fitted with a magnetic separator. The main advantage of band drum filter is its smaller foot print which proves beneficial for higher flow rates of coolants (>200 l). This is achieved through augmentation of the level of the polluted coolant fluid. Being at a higher point, the pressure rate is higher and assures the faster filtration flow through the filtration fabric.


Categories according to flow capacity

Filtrations according to flow rate required (at 35 microns):

  • PFB 150 – max. flow is 150 l/min
  • PFB 250 – max. flow is 250 l/min
  • PFB 500 – max. flow is 500 l/min

We offer particular solutions for different flow rates and for automatic regulation of flow rates for CNC machinery.

Technical description

  • Small foot print
  • Higher flow rate due to utilization of higher hydrostatic fluid pressure.
  • Refined filtration up to 10 Microns

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