Coolant filtration plants for automotive industry

One of the favoured products with our customers is coolant filtration plant which combines a band filter with a tank. Optionally is the plant fitted with the magnetic separator for filtering and recovery of a valuable coolant liquid or cutting fluid from tool machining. We offer the filtration stations which eliminate the impurities with fineness up to 35 microns. As an innovation we have launched the new type of filtration station-Drum Filter plant.

V rámci vývojových projektů byl ASTOS Machinery vyvinut a vyroben nový typ filtračních stanic: Pásový bubnový flitr. Tento nový typ si díky svým výborným technickým parametrům a provozním i nákladovým výhodám našel velmi rychle své zákazníky. Kromě menších nároků na potřebnou výrobní plochu těchto bubnových filtrací, při násobných průtokových parametrech (až 500 l / min.) než u běžných pásových filtrací, vykazuje menší spotřebu filtrační tkaniny. Tato lepší využitelnost filtrační tkaniny je zajištěna díky vyšší hladině čištěné kapaliny a tedy vyššímu tlakovému spádu.

Our customers appreciate especially the smaller foot print, higher flow rates of the coolants- up to 500 l/min- and the considerable saving on filtration fabric. This is achieved through augmentation of the level of the polluted coolant fluid. Being at a higher point, the pressure rate is higher what assures the faster filtration flow through the filtration fabric.

Especially appreciated is the variability of the system. We are able to identify and implement many specific components and so cater for customer’s individual needs. The installation can include coolant temperature conditioning with gradual warming and cooling of the coolant agent, rinsing unit, transfer flow tanks. The complex filtration unit can be incorporated into existing systems and in line with more than one tooling machine, controlled by automated control system.

ASTOS Machinery as a leader in engineering is known for reliable and efficient filtration units. Recently we have delivered sophisticated coolant filtration equipment for a Czech customer from automotive industry. The filtration station has been customized according to the customer’s needs. Our two filtration plants are fitted with two transfer flow tanks and are able to serve up to 8 grinding machines. Because of high inflow rates 250 and 500l the drum filter solution has been chosen as optimum. The units consisted of two double casing tanks with volume of 300l and 4000 l and completed with two HYFRA cooling aggregates. The entire filtration plant has been integrated into existing system and controlled by automated control system in line with the tool machines.

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