Automated conveyor line for Toyota Motor Company

Astos Machinery has been the overall winner of the European selection procedure for the supply of the scrap metal conveyor system for the progressive stamping press. We turned into an exclusive supplier of the system for the new Toyota stamping plant thanks to great deal of experience.

To be linked with Toyota as its exclusive supplier of the system for the new stamping plant we had to proof to be a worthy partner by providing affirmation of our long term experience and references of excellence by our previous customers.
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Coolant filtration plants for automotive industry

One of the favoured products with our customers is coolant filtration plant which combines a band filter with a tank. Optionally is the plant fitted with the magnetic separator for filtering and recovery of a valuable coolant liquid or cutting fluid from tool machining. We offer the filtration stations which eliminate the impurities with fineness up to 35 microns. As an innovation we have launched the new type of filtration station-Drum Filter plant. Read more